Jon Vernon proudly displays the new shirt he got on his recent trip to San Francisco.

In the IRC, ANYONE can write you a pass and Mrs. Campbell will be glad to babysit you!


Weatherteam 13


Weatherteam 13: (L-R) Chuck Lofton, Cliff Nicolson, Chris Wright, Bob Gregory, Diann Vernon, and Jim O'Brien strive to keeped you informed, updated, and refreshed about current weather conditions. They also keep you informed about weather related cancellations.



50¢ 50¢

Fund-raising takes a new twist as BPA tries to market and sell "Assholes".


Linda Hoff goes on a "bender" with Jack Daniels as she receives the "Little People of America" honorary member award.


Even more information has surfaced regarding the rumors about our principal, Mr. Durbin.


New information has surfaced regarding the previous employment of out new principal, Mr. Durbin and assistant principal, Mr. Lythgoe.


When the Art Department has a party, they go "all out". This photo shows Miss Ruhl & Mrs. Antonelli with a couple friends.


Journalist Dave Barry stops by to visit with Ron Geik, his biggest fan!


Dan Durbin's new chain of command chart.


Ron Senesac waits patiently on his new computers to arrive.

YOU may be next!